Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Colorful sticky note bookmark to attract children attention to books

Parents always want their children develop their literacy skill early. However, in my case, the common challenge would be: My children's interest in books is lacking. It's almost certain that they would run to toys, games, and play grounds. It needs a lot of effort to distract them from those fun to a little time of reading. 

Recently, I found that colorful sticky note which I use to mark the most important chapter of a book has become a tricky instrument to attract their attention to books.

So my 8 y.o daughter asked me what the colorful piece of papers between the pages are, and I replied with telling the use of them. She asked me to share with her some which I answered that the sticky notes will only go with those who love readings and that she'll never know where to put one unless she read through the book. I promised to let her choose one color once she found something interesting in her reading. Then it has been going for a month, and more books has got the sticky notes between. Gatcha^^

words by Kurnia

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